Dental D
Corporate Image
An effective proposal of a corporate image has been genera- ted for the dental office 'Dental D' that includes the creation from the logo to the corporate stationery of the brand, we have managed to create this project that perfectly meets the needs of our client.
Logo design and institutional stationery for the dental office of a leading dentist Dr. Ryan Davis. , Dr. Ryan has many years of experience in his work area and has an excellent reputation in Arizona. Gradient colors are used, blue for their psychological relationship with medical and health issues, the logo has been designed with Dr. Ryan’s specialties in mind, such as the application of false teeth.
Corporate stationery is a fundamental part of the graphic identity of a brand, with a careful design it is a powerful marketing weapon that clearly conveys the identi- ty of the brand that customers quickly associate with the company.
Photo Retouching
Page design adapted for different computers, smarth phones, tablets, we create a dynamic interface so that users can navigate in a fluid and effective way through the website, we describe each section and each element so that users can know in an accurate way all the services provided by AAF, database that allows the possibility of free edition of the client.